Why Men Should Volunteer


Something is missing in your life. You have a good job, make enough money and have a happy family, but there is something that bugs you at night. Are you doing everything you’re supposed to be doing? You often find yourself asking the question, “Can I do more?” That’s where volunteering comes into the picture. Why don’t you consider donating some of your time to a good cause, a cause worth fighting for? You’ll notice a difference in the way you feel. Continue reading further to find out more about why men should volunteer and the benefits you’ll receive when you do.


Volunteers See More Longevity


Did you know that volunteers tend to live longer than those who ate well and exercised throughout their entire lives? It’s true. Not only are volunteers seeing a difference in how long they live, but their overall happiness as well. Even the elderly benefit from volunteering. In addition to living longer, those who are elderly, who have volunteered, have also been shown to have better psychological functioning and better physical capability than those who didn’t volunteer.


Volunteering Looks Good On Your Resume


You thought that you were the only one giving. But did you know that volunteering can be good for your career? When employers see that you are passionate about a cause they won’t have to think twice about hiring you for the job. Volunteering during times of unemployment will also give you something to do and show employers that you are the type of person who takes an unpleasant situation and makes the best out of it any way that you can.


Volunteering is Good for The Soul


Not only will you be helping someone in need, but you will also reap the many benefits associated with volunteering. You’ll feel better about yourself because you will be doing something of importance in your life. You’ll have a sense of purpose, something to look forward to every time you volunteer. You don’t have to overdo it. Just set aside a number of hours per month at first to see how much you benefit from helping those who desperately need it.


Volunteering Puts You In Line with Making New Friends


You have plenty of friends, but are they friends who share a common interest or passion? This is where volunteering comes into play. Surround yourself with others who have the same interests as you and it won’t feel like you’re volunteering. Instead, you’ll be making new friends that are passionate about some of the causes that you are. You might even find a life-long friend. Now, how cool would that be?


There you have it. The 4 reasons why men should volunteer. They are, volunteers tend to live longer, volunteering looks good on your resume, volunteering is good for the soul and volunteering introduces you to new people, so you’ll socialize and make new friends with common interests. Now you know the reasons why men should volunteer. The only thing left to do is to do it.